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Microservices & API's

We design, build, and maintain back-end systems powered by Microservice architectures. In fact, we've gone so far as to develop our own Open Source framework, PatternSpace, that leverages our experiences building API's into environments of all shapes and sizes.

Web & Mobile Apps

Many software development use cases require quality user experiences to communicate and visualize the value of back-end systems. We can help close the gap between the two in ways that don't compromise either side.

Software Architecture

Comprised of individual systems and their interconnections, architecture is about finding where and how these systems fit amongst eachother and how best they can build upon themselves to create greater capabilities. Our software architecture team has designed, deployed, and scaled integrated systems such as these, and can advise and implement architectures optimized for your organization.

DevOps & Automation

DevOps cross-functionally combines development and operations in support of engineering life-cycles, continuous delivery, and the automation of infrastructure processes. We're particularly adept at leveraging the DevOps mentality pre- and post-deployment, and can harness that experience either in a support or active capacity for your engineering teams.

AI, Analysis
& Data Modeling

Machine Learning

Through the use of advanced algorithms and data models, we can develop and guide the use of intelligent, predictive systems that scale.

Data Science

We're deeply experienced in the extraction of knowledge using statistical modeling and data mining on structured and unstructured data alike.

Data Engineering

Our data engineering team prepares Machine Learning and Data Science models for deployment into production environments that scale to meet the demands of end-user needs.

Data Architecture

System architecture plays a major role in the effective integration and use of data throughout the Enterprise. We can advise on best-practices and the development of whole-environment use cases.

Data Storage & Processing

Pre- and post-processing of data requires storage systems of all kinds; from SQL to NoSQL databases, we can help inform the decisions around what best suits the needs at hand.

Cloud & On-Prem

Strategic Advisory

Well-informed advisement is the cornerstone of successful cloud build-outs, management, and continuous improvement that meet future needs as much as current requirements. We can bring our breadth of knowledge and experience to bare on the challenges of cloud enablement, through strategic advisement, to lower risk and help ensure successful outcomes.

Cloud Migration

Many cost and efficienies can be realized by moving from on-prem to the cloud. We've helped many organizations make that move smoothly, with low, manageable risk through both advisement and hands-on collaboration.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Management

Maintaining a hybrid on-prem / cloud infrastructure can be one of the most challenging parts of a migration. On the otherhand, leveraging the strengths of multi-cloud infrastructures can be wrought with risk if knowledgeable experts aren't core to the management and pitfalls necessary to avoid. We're deeply familiar with all three major cloud vendors and how interconnections between them can best be accomplished in a variety of scenarios.

Cloud Security

Critical to managing risk in the cloud is the inclusion of in-depth security policies, procedures, and processes that reduce a cloud infrastructure's attack surface area. Core to our work with any team is the design and implementation of secure practices that can be maintained and iterated upon to continually mount an active defense against would-be attackers.

Working Together

Our process is a flexible, Agile framework that enables accelerated development, yet predictible outcomes throughout collaboration and beyond


Initial Consultation

Starting with an initial strategic consultation, we'll discuss your high-level business needs and requirements, assess the current state of your progress to date, if any, and gather details relevant to sizing an engagement that works for you. Following this consultation, we'll turn around a proposal that includes a solution covering your most critical goals and objectives, presented to you in a format intended to close any remaining gaps and to receive your feedback to define a clear and actionable plan.


Design & Development

Shortly after plan approval, we'll map the agreed upon solution to an Agile development process that includes detailed work items with acceptance criteria, assignable to our team, yours, or both. Development then begins and we work with you to ensure the deliverable meets your expectations, stays within budget without compromising on quality, and tracks against your timeline requirements.


Go-Live & Support

Continuing with the Agile process as our guide, and in coordination with you, our team ready's the deliverable for deployment and an official go-live. We then provide on-going support and improvement services to further develop the solution, or simply hand-off the deliverable to you and your team with no-obligation on-call support.

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Technology Specialization

"The right tool for the right job" is the mantra that informs the choices we make around technology use and the tech-stacks we recommend

When battle-hardened stability and performance are required, we reach right for Java and the JVM. We're strong proponents of the modern Java movement, and enjoy working with the likes of Play, Akka, Dropwizard, and the Parallel Universe stack. Let us assure you, though — we're just as at home working on standard JavaEE and Tomcat.

Python's dynamic nature and pervasive usage in the scientific community make it a great choice for many use-cases. We work with Django and several Machine Learning, data processing, and configuration management libraries to build data-driven applications for a variety of environments.

When it comes to native Windows development, the .NET Framework is the go-to solution. C# and ASP.NET MVC have mature feature sets and display excellent performance characteristics, leading us to specialize in their usage in the delivery of quality native and enterprise software.

PHP's community size has few peers, is filled with numerous libraries, and consists of decades of developer experiences. Encouraged by that community is a quick-to-get-going mentality, which we heartily embrace by working with lightweight MVC web frameworks like Laravel and Phalcon.

Javascript, HTML, and CSS are undeniably the cornerstones of the modern Web. We use Ember.js, AngularJS, and jQuery together with CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation, atop HTML5, to deliver compelling client-side user experiences.

A broad set of features, coupled with a knowledgeable community, gives PostgreSQL its distinctive edge. It's often a good choice when the underlying data model can take advantage of both its relational power and key-value simplicity. We recommend PostgreSQL in situations that require flexibility and feature completeness, above all else.

MySQL stands today as the most popular open source RDBMS. Often a "startup darling", its usage has grown to power the largest websites in the world. We've advised, planned, and implemented numerous non-trivial deployments and are fluent in the differences between forked flavors and their distributed feature-sets.

In the Microsoft world, SQL Server is the, rightfully, dominant data storage solution capable of working with tabular and non-tabular datasets at large-scale while maintaining the familiarity of the SQL query language and related extensions.

Redis has quickly evolved from its cache-only roots into a complete high-performance multi-model database offering everything from low-level data structures and streaming capabilities to the functionality you've come to expect of modern storage systems such as clustering, durability, and more. Coupled with advanced modules, such as RedisTimeSeries, RedisGraph, and RedisAI, Redis is able to do more than ever before.

A real-time graph database, Neo4J has a strong community with a long, stable history of being the open source standard. Its powerful Cypher query language makes traversing graphs straightforward and real-time performant. We recommend Neo4J on highly-connected or traversal-heavy workloads, and are familiar with its application across several domains.

We've deployed on many, if not all of the major public Cloud vendors in the development and on-going hosting of consumer-facing Web presences and applications. Cost efficiency analysis, automation, scaling, and peripheral services are all tasks our expertise can help with.

Ansible excels at the automation of configuration without an agent presence pre-installed. SSH-based secure transport, zero agent overhead, and written in Python — we've used these attributes to our advantage in large-scale deployments, across continents.

Arguably the most popular of its kin, Puppet has been successfully deployed for years across organizations large and small. A large community, strong tooling, and extensive module system has resulted in a mature, well-supported option. When Ruby is in use, it's often our recommended configuration solution.

Built on ZeroMQ and Python, SaltStack is a modern high-performance configuration management solution that's purpose built to scale up to huge numbers of machines. It's support across a variety of platforms, including Windows, makes it appropriate for many use-cases. Simply put, we're big fans.

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