Accelerate growth while navigating uncertainty

We leverage modern Cloud technology, Data, AI, and rich Digital Experiences to deliver game-changing results.

Software, Data Science & AI

We're cloud native, but multifaceted. From software delivery to data science and beyond, we offer comprehensive services so you can focus on what matters.

  • Microservices & API's
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Web & Mobile Apps

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Products & Frameworks

Our products enable a new breed of intelligent, self-organizing microservices with advanced machine learning capabilities. Deploy them to the Cloud, On-Prem, or at the IoT edge.

  • PatternSpace Enterprise
  • PatternSpace Open Source
  • Support & Expertise
  • Open Source

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Cloud, On-Prem, & IoT Operations

We have deep Ops experience working with infrastructure distributed across virtual, metal, and IoT edge devices. Coupled with our advisory & team augmentation services, we're able to provide the critical support you need.

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Team Augmentation
  • Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Management
  • Cloud & Network Security

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Our Modern,

Using modern technology and industry best-practices, we help our client's solve their most challenging problems.

Our methods are fully inclusive and partnership focused. We start with strategy, see it through to execution, then onto hand-off or continued management. Throughout that journey, we apply a pragmatic approach to the technologies we employ by balancing innovation with technical maturity. We’ve built our thought framework to enable you to adapt to and leverage change, and to predict the otherwise unexpected while achieving your business goals.

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Services Overview

Result-optimized services, across a range of technical disciplines, from experienced experts you can count on


AI, Analysis
& Data Modeling

Cloud & On-Prem

We design, build, and maintain back-end systems powered by Microservice architectures. In fact, we've gone so far as to develop our own Open Source framework, PatternSpace, that leverages our experiences building API's into environments of all shapes and sizes.

Products Overview

Open Source and Enterprise products that support the next generation of self-organizing, distributed microservice architectures with embedded AI capabilities

Powered by Graph Technology

From microservices to data storage, graphs play a major role in modern, cloud-native, distributed architectures, and we leverage that fact to great effect. PatternSpace, a reactive, high-performance and scalable microservice framework, is our reimagining of this powerful graph model designed to meet the needs of developers and their next-generation systems.

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We build and manage technology to support your businesses' growth.

Pattern is a global technology company based out of Boston.

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With a company-wide culture that embraces a diverse and inclusive mindset, our international team of technologists provide our clients and customers with a unique perspective that encourages global-thinking while leveraging local economic opportunities.

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